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Lotti and I have had a long, certainly complicated history together and with this exciting event, will be sharing important times together for the rest of our lives. I couldn't be more proud of her taking this on, and I'm so proud Lotti will be the mother of my child. If we're lucky enough to have a baby with her incredible beauty, wit, charm, passion and energy, the world will be a much better place.

When I became single again, I remember asking myself what I was looking for; what one thing would be the most important attribute in a woman. It was pretty simple; I was looking for someone with a great heart; someone who cared about the one's they loved more than themselves. That perfectly describes Lotti and why she will be a perfect mother to our new child and why she's been an incredible friend and big sister to my three children. Her selfless attitude and resiliency in the face of the world's selfishness, my own self-centered nature and ego, the challenges, emotion and complicated nature of dealing with a past relationship, family and custody/parenting issues and a schedule that has me around less than half the time proves to me that she not only has a loving heart, but a backbone. I'm confident that no matter the challenge, she will be there standing strong to watch out for the baby. I look forward to a child's life that will obviously be filled with confidence because of the unambiguous love Lotti will provide.

I think about what Lotti has overcome in her life, losing her father at age 12, being on her own as a teenager in Los Angeles, finding a way to survive without compromising her belief in herself and self-respect, and it makes me appreciate her that much more. I've made things tough on her, because I was always torn by the past loss of my family, but never lost my deep respect for her or love and affection for what she represents. We're having a baby, because I know that the child will be beautiful, loved, confident, brilliant and cared for by a woman who will love the child selflessly. I couldn't be more thrilled and am sure my sons will be great brothers as well. I'm confident our child will have as wonderful of a life as my three boys are having now.

I can't wait to see what kind of incredible human being comes from Lotti and look forward to having them both be part of my life and my family's life.